Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Capacity: 300mL/500mL/950mL


  • Cleans and Nourishes


This argan oil infused formula gently cleanses the hair fiber, provides softness and detangles. Hair is nourished with Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9, and looks healthy and shiny from roots to ends.


Distribute evenly through wet hair. Massage gently to lather. Rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary.


  • I used to have beautiful long and wavy hair. But too many times of perm or my carelessness of hair care lead to my dry and frizzy hair. I brought the argan oil shampoo on the internet one month ago and kept using it. Now the frizz is gone and my hair seems shiny and healthy. I let my hair dry naturally. It won’t tangle together as before instead it becomes easily manageable for me. The argan oil shampoo really works for me. By the way, I have my hair dyed before, and this argan oil shampoo is so moderate that I can’t realize any color stripping. I love the hair color. The ads say the oil of argan is purely nature and contains things like Vitamin E, Omega3, and Omega 9 etc. I think all these nutrients help restore vitality and strength of damaged hair and the results are very effective. Now my roommate begins to use the argan oil shampoo. She has a straight long hair and she loves it as well. Actually, her hair seems more lustrous and pliable. I draw a conclusion that the oil of argan aims to those damaged hair and have visible results. I have ordered the conditioner, cream and the essential oil of argan. I love the fragrance of this oil of argan, a slight smell of roses. My friend said it smells a kind of candy. No doubt, you may have another smell. Hope you love it.
    Elfie Romine
  • I used to buy some hair products from regular drug store for repairing my damaged hair but they were not so effective. Now I switch to another product-argan oil shampoo, a kind of moisture vitality shampoo. It appears a wonder for me. My hair become healthier and softer and I attribute it to this argan oil shampoo. Beforehand my brown hair was frizzy and had many split ends. Then I used this argan oil shampoo with the accompanying conditioner. My hair becomes shiny and soft. What’s more, it moistens my hair and repairs near 80% of the split ends. I have been using this argan oil shampoo for one month and it is really my favorite. I think that the argan oil and the other nutrients in it make a big difference. It endows all the nutrients into our scalp and promotes the hair growth. The argan oil achieves better results than any other products in drug store. It is so moderate that won’t strip any color. The argan oil strengthens the hair, makes it soft and shine and endures lasting effects. I have been tried many brands of shampoo at the drug store and this argan oil shampoo really amazes me because of its moisturizing benefits and lovely smells. There is one thing you have to notice- don’t put too much argan oil shampoo. Too much argan oil would make your hair too oily or greasy. So you should control the usage of the shampoo or not make it too close to your scalp, especially for oily hair.
    Cal Makacynas
  • I’m a mix Asian heritage. I have long wavy hair which is thick, semi coarse but prone to be frizzy and dry. It’s black. Now I have been a faithful client of argan oil shampoo. The frizz is gone and my hair becomes soft and shiny so it becomes more manageable for me. The argan oil shampoo is wonderful and lathers well. I am really contended with the results so I recommend it to my boy friends. It works well. He is satisfied with this shampoo too. I really love the fragrance of this kind of argan oil shampoo. It’s moderate and delicate. Apart from the above benefits, this argan oil shampoo can really solve scalp problems. Some people who concerns about their appearance and have been suffered from scalp problems can give it a try. For years I have been bothered by terrible dry and oily dandruff. And later I found that the sulfates were the leading cause because I use the dandruff shampoo with sulfates in it for a long time. My scalp is extremely sensitive to sulfates and after I switch to sulfate free shampoo I notice a huge difference. The argan oil shampoo- sulfate free shampoo is extremely a good choice for me. The sulfates aim to allow the shampoo to lather, especially for those with hard water. But after you use the argan oil shampoo, no tight scalp, flake or overly oily scalp and it lathers well.
    Gretta Heiss
  • My long and wavy hair used to be quite charming. However, it starts to turn dry and frizzy recently due to bad weather. Fortunately, I got a magic Moroccan argan oil shampoo from the internet. It is produced by a brand named Argan de Luxe. I have used this argan shampoo for only two weeks and my hair already had noticeable changes. Shine and smoothness come back. Argan shampoo really works for me. By the way, I have my hair dyed before. The argan shampoo is so mild that I can’t feel any color fading. I learned from internet that argan oil contains ingredients like Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6 etc, I think all these nutrients help to restore vitality and strength of hair. Now my roommates also starts to use Moroccan argan oil shampoos. In addition to the outstanding performance I mentioned above, they said the fragrance of Moroccan argan oil shampoo is also very attractive. I’m planning to buy other agan oil products like conditioner, mask and so on. If you also want to try argan oil products, I suggest you start from argan shampoo.
    Max Maynard

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