Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner

Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner

Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner

Capacity: 300mL/500mL/950mL


  • Nourishes and Protects


This argan oil infused formula provides instant nourishment, delivers shine, softness and suppleness to the hair. Fiber is protected against dryness and environmental damage.


Distribute evenly throughout shampooed and towel dried hair. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


  • I used to think there is no difference in the shampoo except for the fragrance and price. But the argan oil shampoo is an exception for me. The argan hair oil has visible results on my hair and later I ordered the conditioner as well. I kept using them. I mean both the shampoo and the conditioner and I am really satisfied with the results. The argan hair oil of conditioner works better than other products I have ever used. For example, I have used Pureology conditioner with minty smell. In summer, it can give you more refreshing feeling but you may feel colder in winter. The argan hair oil is better for me. It is effective for my damaged hair. I think the oil from morocco in it works. It is natural oil with high nutrients. According to the instruction, the oil from morocco will enrich hair with essential linoleic acids and help restore vitality and strength of damaged hair. Besides, the fragrance of the argan hair oil smells a little like suntan lotion, a warm and soft feeling for me. My skin is very sensitive and the oil from morocco is good for me. Now if I search the internet, the products about argan hair oil are very popular and also have many brands. It seems the oil from morocco really do a good job on hair. I have compared various brands and I chose the products on this website. High quality and reasonable price, highly recommend!
    Nannette Nunez
  • I use the whole series of argan oil products, the argan oil shampoo, argan oil conditioner and the Morocco argan oil. Previously I use Biolage Colorcare and now the argan oil is my favorite. Their reviews are good and one of my friends highly recommended it so I gave it a try. If I use only the shampoo, the effect is not so effective. When you also use the argan oil conditioner, it achieves remarkable effects. I have long, straight hair. After a few times of straightening and perms my hair have many end splits and becomes lusterless. It’s really upset with sere shag hair. I’ve used them all together for about one month and my hair has radical transformation. I really love the argan oil conditioner. I think the rich nutritions in it work. It moisturizes my hair and gives it shine and softness. Maybe because of my hair, I have to use enough argan oil conditioner. Besides, it provides detangling effects enabling my hair to be smooth and manageable. But for those with oily hair, they should use less argan oil conditioner or it may become too oily. Actually I don’t like the smells of argan oil, I would prefer my fragrance of perfume on me all day long so I use more perfumes.
    Vonni Bingham
  • Recently my salon recommended me a kind of conditioner with argan hair oil in it. Then I searched the internet I found this argan hair oil less cost than in the salon. I placed the order right now. Frankly speaking, I highly recommend this kind of products and will be sure to buy them next time. Now I use not only the conditioner, but also the shampoo and argan essential oil. This argan hair oil is really appropriate for my hair- wavy and thick textured hair. It makes my hair soft and smooth and makes hair lighter. Now I have inviting curls, defined, light and bouncy. I owe it to this argan hair oil. It is also called morocco oil. The scent is special for me, but I was not disappointed. It is neither feminine nor masculine but a moderate and delicate natural morocco oil scent. Actually I was very sensitive to different kinds of smells and sometimes I dislike the scent or the feel of different products I tried. The morocco oil is a kind of tree oil instead of cooking oil. After using the whole series of argan hair oil, including the shampoo, conditioner. My hair is pliant not oily and it doesn’t attract dirt. My living place is wet all year round. Summer and winter are especially difficult to keep my hair tame. On humid days, the morocco oil helps my hair to be smoother, less frizzy.
    Francisca Champlin

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